Artist Statement

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My paintings are a natural extension of my work as an energy healer. Energy and intention are embedded in every layer, in every stroke, creating portals of healing and self-knowledge.

I paint intuitively, often with no idea what’s going to happen when I step in front of the canvas. My inspiration comes from meditation, visioning, contemplation, dreams, and Shamanic journeys.

Using acrylics in rich, vibrant colors, I add layer after layer of paint, letting the under layers show through to create depth and visual texture. I love to make my paintings multi-dimensional by adding found objects: collaged papers, crystals, and/or prayer beads-Goddess rosaries of my own design.

I started painting as a very personal journey, a way to explore my inner landscape and connect with my Divine Self. Along the way I noticed many people were searching for that same knowing and connection. I started painting for myself, I continue painting in service to You.