Creative Bio

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Kathy Smith is an American artist and writer. In 2011, after seven years working one-on-one as a massage and energy therapist, she began developing her artistic talents as an extension of her hands-on healing practice so she could reach more people.

Deeply inspired by the sacred, she incorporates images and themes of the Divine Feminine, quantum physics and the cosmos in her growing body of artwork. Working primarily in rich, vibrantly colored acrylics, she likes to embellish her paintings with found objects: collaged paper, crystals, and prayer beads-Goddess rosaries of her own design.

As a Certified Intentional Creativity Teacher in the Color of Woman Method developed by artist and poet Shiloh Sophia, Kathy has expanded her healing practice to include teacher, speaker, workshop/retreat leader and coach.

Born and raised in Michigan, Kathy resides near Detroit with her husband Steve, five of their six children, three dogs, three cats, two birds, three giant goldfish and one million guppies.